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Bei Foto Koch in Düsseldorf finden regelmäßig Infotage, Aktionen, Kurzworkshops und andere Events statt. Dort können Sie sich bei Spezialisten über neue Innovationen und bewährte Technik informieren sowie Tipps & Tricks auf dem Weg zu besseren Bildern mitnehmen


1.-2.10. Fujifilm Experte zu Gast

15.-16.10. Fujifilm Experte zu Gast

22.-23.10. Fujifilm Experte zu Gast

29.-30.10. Fujifilm Experte zu Gast


4.-6.11. Panasonic Experte zu Gast
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16.11. Canon EOS R3 Abend
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Exhibition humor - from the snapshot

The new exhibition 'Humor' borrows from our Schnappschuss Magazine. The great artists bring with their pictures fun and joy for a short moment in the eyes of the viewer and the viewer

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11. April | LIVE-TALK: Natural wonder Iceland - Between fire + ice

In our live talk, we take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close. Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us. In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.

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Workshops & Co.

Take your photography to the next level!

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Workshops in der Foto Koch Akademie

In der Foto Koch Akademie werden Ihnen unter der Leitung professioneller Trainer die verschiedenen Bereiche der Fotografie in angenehmer Atmosphäre näher gebracht.

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Live workshop sports photography with the Sony Alpha 9 III

Sony unveiled the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary new camera for sports photographers, at the end of 2023... Now the camera is finally here and on Saturday, February 24, you'll have the opportunity to see it live in action and try out the new features for yourself! Sports photographer Thomas Fähnrich will show you what's possible with the A9 III and how to take action-packed photos of athletes.

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Guide to moon photography

There are not only a few myths and stories from the past few years about our celestial satellite, but it is also more than ever the focus of astronomers, scientists and the like. In this article, we want to give you the best tips on equipment and settings for the perfect photo of the moon.

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Live-Talk: On safari in Botswana - with Lisa + Paul Hüttemann

Lisa and Paul Hüttemann talk about their trip to Botswana, the challenges of photographing in the wilderness and the journey of the pictures from the camera to the printed magazine.

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