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Bundles with Sony SEL 24-70mm f/2.8 GM2 Sony FE mount

Sony SEL 24-70mm GM2 + SEL 70-200mm GM2

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11. April | LIVE-TALK: Natural wonder Iceland - Between fire + ice

In our live talk, we take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close. Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us. In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.

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Free live consultation

Your individual consultation - from the comfort of your sofa

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Sony SEL 50mm f/1.4 GM Sony FE mount

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Nikon Nikkor Z 24-120mm f/4 S Nikon Z

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Nikon Nikkor Z 28mm f/2.8 Nikon Z

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The variety of interchangeable lenses

No matter if for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Leica or the many other camera brands - the lens is the component that is actually important for the photo. It is much more responsible for the image quality than the camera body itself. Lenses come in various different models. Starting with the Fixed focal length the range extends to the Megazoom and from the Wide angle and Macro- to the Telephoto lens. You still can't decide which lens is the right one for you?
On this page you will find all important information and offers about our lenses for all cameras.
However, if you still have questions, our expert advisors will be happy to support you in choosing the right lens. Use the service telephone at 0049 211 - 17 88 00. /filiale.html" title="Lenses for Canon">Branch in D?sseldorf or use the service telephone at 0211 - 17 88 00.

Lenses by brand

Unlimited possibilities are offered by manufacturers not only for cameras. Manufacturers have a suitable lens for every purpose in their repertoire to guide you in your search of the perfect lens.

With us you will find, among others, lenses of the brands

: Canon
To lenses by brand

Lenses by mount 

So that variety does not lead to unmanageability: This collection optimizes the selection options of interchangeable lenses by mount and allows for a convenient and quick overview, which lenses of the different manufacturers are available for the desired purposes.

In our shop you will find, amongst others, lenses for:

Micro Four Thirds
Fujifilm Go to lenses by mount

Lenses by type

Choosing the right lens is often a decision for life.
Photography is always a question of focus. Because clearly, it's the lens that changes the focus and makes all the difference. And it's also always a question of skill, personal preferences and strengths.

Discover lenses for all situations

:Fixed focal lengths
Zoom lenses
Wide-angle lenses
Telephoto lenses
Tilt-shift lenses To lenses by type

Lens accessories

In order to combine lenses and camera bodies with different sized bayonet mounts, a special adapter is usually required.
With spacer rings, which lengthen the camera extension, macro lenses become even more powerful. Even more flexibility can be obtained with a converter by extending the focal length. Lens hoods reduce stray light and lens reflections and can significantly improve image quality. They also protect the camera against dust or rain at the same time.

Amongst other things you will find the following accessories for your lens:

Converters / attachments
Lens case
Lens hoods To lens accessories

Lenses for cameras

System cameras (also abbreviated CSC) and Single-lens reflex cameras (also abbreviated SLR) offer the possibility of changing the lens, so that the right lens is available for every occasion and the camera body does not need to be changed. The lens takes over the optical transport of the reality to the camera sensor and thereby influences the image quality by its characteristics substantially. A better lens usually leads to a better image, or it can offer more possibilities to capture a situation. For example, the light intensity is crucial for taking motion-blur-free pictures even in low light. An image stabilizer integrated in the lens can also help. The image stabilizer compensates for slight movements of the hand and thus allows longer shutter speeds to be photographed handheld. Together with the camera sensor, the light intensity is also responsible for how well objects can be made to stand out from the background or how strongly the sharpness focus can be influenced in the image. The light intensity indicates the ratio of the optical diameter to the optical length of the lens, which means that light intensity is often reflected in the price. Smaller numbers mean better light intensity. Fixed focal lengths often offer very high light intensity at a relatively low price. Because they do not have a zoom function, they are simpler in design and often offer better sharpness, especially in the peripheral areas, as well as less distortion. Of course, these advantages come with the disadvantage of a fixed focal length and thus the loss of zoom functionality.

Zoom lenses, on the other hand, cover a wider focal length range and thus increase the versatility of a lens. The wide-angle range is particularly suitable for landscape photography or even in confined spaces, as the short focal length captures a very wide angle of view. The wide-angle range is followed by the normal range. In this range, the angle of view is very similar to human perception. Above this is the telephoto range, where the angle of view is limited further. This compresses the distance between the objects in the image and gives you the feeling of being very close to your subject - perfect for sports and wildlife photography, but also for portraits. With a macro lens, the distance between the camera and the subject can be greatly reduced, so that detailed shots of plants or insects in particular are possible. The enormous variety of interchangeable lenses thus always offers the possibility of putting the right subject in the right light according to the photographer's wishes.

Which focal length of a lens is suitable for what?

Regardless of whether you use a fixed focal length or a zoom lens, each lens has its very own characteristics, which are essentially characterized by a few core components:

  • Number of glass elements
  • Number of aperture blades
  • Aperture
  • Focal length
  • Glass coatings

If you are looking for a lens, you are increasingly looking for an angle of view or a new perspective. We want to give you an orientation below, which focal length is best suited for which field of application.

Focal lengths for landscape photographers

Landscape photography includes both wide-angle and telephoto focal lengths. You want to capture the vastness of nature on your camera's sensor but maybe also the details of the mountain? Then you will be interested in the telephoto lens.

  • Focal lengths of 16-35mm are particularly good for wide open shots, and the lenses are usually also available at affordable rates with an open aperture.
  • The range of 100-400mm is perfect for detailed shots while being considerably heavier. In this focal length range you can find everything, whether zoom lens or fixed focal length. The advantage of a fixed focal length is the weight and the open aperture, as well as the usually still quite good closest focusing distance.

Charming portraits with the following focal lengths

Instagram and social media in general determine our everyday life and influenced photography in recent years more than ever. Vanlife and adventure on Instagram have popularized the 35mm as the new 50mm focal length. So what focal lengths are a must have at your next portrait shoot?

  • 20mm for if you have a fashionshoot where you want to elongate the legs through the lens curvature for high shots.
  • 35mm for if you want to showcase a little more landscape/environment in your image than a 50mm would.
  • 50mm is the allrounder, a 50mm lens is usually very cheap to buy and usually offers the greatest potential to get started in the addiction of fixed focal lengths.
  • 85mm for when you want your object to stand out from the background. This is where the telephoto range comes into play, it increases the blur and this is precisely why 85mm fixed focal lengths are usually considered bokeh kings.
  • 135mm are very rarely represented here, because they are usually very heavy, but still have a great soft bokeh.

The animal in focus, the perfect focal lengths for wildlife photographers

Not only people are in focus for a portrait, animals can also be put into scene or photographed in their natural habitat. We have already written a detailed guide about this, but we want to give you a quick overview here:

Guide to wildlife photography

These focal lengths are good for wildlife photography:

  • 70-200mm - Flexibility & speed and a good open aperture and with a teleconverter a focal length of up to 400mm can be achieved
  • 400mm - big aperture with 400mm which can be combined well with a teleconverter and thus can be used as an open aperture 800mm or simply as a 400mm
  • 150-600mm or 200-600mm, whether bird or deer, with a superzoom with up to 600mm it is possible to reach all animals in the surroundings.

The most important thing is probably the teleconverter, with which the focal lengths can be doubled.

Focal lengths for action and sports photographers

Sports and action photography is one of the fields of photography where equipment is demanded the most. Lenses must be able to focus quickly, withstand special weather conditions, and have an open aperture to keep ISO low even in the evening, at the stadium or the gym. In sports, focal lengths always depend on the sport, but we would like to give you some safe options that can be used in many areas of sports & action photography:

  • 16-35mm, when you want to be close, but you want the dynamic range to look more extreme because of the wide angle.
  • 24-70mm, the standard zoom is also suitable for sports, because the focal length range offers good dynamics and the lenses are usually very well developed and equipped with performant focus motors.
  • 70-200mm, this focal length is the quintessential sports zoom because it offers the option of portraiture and also some wide angle shooting, but not only that, it also offers the flexibility of distance from the athlete. It is also suitable for extension with an extender as in wildlife photography.

A special treat is also the Tamron 35-150mm which covers portrait focal lengths, but also sports telephoto focal lengths, with a very good open aperture and a brisk focus speed.

The best image details in macro photography with the right focal length

The world of small things mostly deals with special optics with a short closest focusing distance, these allow new perspectives and makes small things appear very big!

  • 50mm, usually a cheap start, little distortion of reality, with a good magnification factor.
  • 100mm, offers a particularly intense bokeh & differentation from the background with a very good magnification factor.

Phototechnical know-how by Christian Laxander

Finding the right lens is not always easy. In this video series you will find comprehensive information on all types of lenses and their applications. Christian shows you special features, gives you buying recommendations and holds interviews with other professionals. His motto: "Change your Lens - Change your Story".

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From our blog

11. April | LIVE-TALK: Natural wonder Iceland - Between fire + ice

In our live talk, we take you to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. Join us on a virtual journey through the north and experience the fascination of the forces of nature up close. Sebastian Lehrke, landscape photographer and speaker, shares his experiences from his Iceland expeditions with us. In recent years, he has impressively documented the beauty and at the same time the danger of Icelandic nature.

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Hands On of the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 G2 for Nikon Z

The super popular Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 has been one of the best-selling standard zooms for years, so now finally comes the mount version for the Nikon Z mount. This gives Nikon's own 28-75mm a real competitor.

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LIVE-TALK: Voigtländer - Lenses with charm

In a live talk, we spoke with Hamburg-based photographer Philip Rösler about Voigtländer lenses. We talked about what makes the charm and look of these lenses so special, which lenses Philip particularly likes to use and what results you can achieve with Voigtländer lenses. As with his camera, the Leica M10, the handling, look and feel of his lenses is particularly important to Philip. Do the Voigtländer lenses meet these requirements?

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The new Sony 24-50mm f/4 - standard or premium?

A new 24-50mm, yes, that's right: 24-50 with f/2.8 aperture. To be honest, we didn't expect Sony to launch such a lens on the market. We took a look at the new lens. You can find out what it can do compared to the many other standard zooms from Sony in this blog post with video.

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Guide to moon photography

There are not only a few myths and stories from the past few years about our celestial satellite, but it is also more than ever the focus of astronomers, scientists and the like. In this article, we want to give you the best tips on equipment and settings for the perfect photo of the moon.

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Camera Basics #19: Tilt shift lenses and the effect explained

The tilt shift effect is certainly an old shoe for many photographers, but this effect is very interesting to consider because it can be found in many facets of photography, so the use of tilt shift optics is not only at home in architectural photography.

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The best portrait lenses 2023 - More than fixed focal lengths

The best portraits are taken with fixed focal lengths, aren't they? Our colleagues in the store always get lots of questions about photography, from cameras to accessories, everything is included but we also always discuss the best lenses with each other!

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Live-Talk: On safari in Botswana - with Lisa + Paul Hüttemann

Lisa and Paul Hüttemann talk about their trip to Botswana, the challenges of photographing in the wilderness and the journey of the pictures from the camera to the printed magazine.

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