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Photo contest "Lines, corners, shapes amp; Co." - These are the winners

The last photo contest was all about the theme 'Lines, Corners, Shapes and Co. Wherever you look, you see lines. Whether straight or curved, they guide the eye. They show edges, corners, circles and other shapes. There are no limits to creativity: whether it's minimalist, calm architectural shots or wild motifs where you don't know which line to follow. Simple lines in everyday life or images that you don't immediately think of, like a pair of glasses on your face. We were overwhelmed by your fantastic ideas!

About 5,000 pictures reached us! You made the theme so individual and versatile that we got to see a great variety of great pictures! We would like to say a big "Thank you!" to all 1,850 participants! That was really outstanding. We would like to congratulate the winners and say THANK YOU!

Reading Time: 8 minutes - March 13, 2023 - by Melissa Stemmer
First Place Photo Contest Corners, Edges, Shapes1. Place Agnes Anna Sadowski

The winning photo - "Two attempts for the perfect picture"

Agnes Anna Sadowski convinced us with her picture from the very beginning! For this reason it has become the winning picture of the photo contest!

She writes the following about the story behind the creation: "The picture was taken on a trip to Vietnam. In Vietnam, manual crafts are still widespread, and so there are many villages that specialize in the production of a particular product, such as in this case a village near Hanoi, which produces, dyes and dries incense sticks on a large scale. Incense sticks play a central role in Buddhist rituals and ceremonies and have several meanings, such as that of a purifying effect. In the picture you can see a woman placing/arranging the incense sticks to dry in the sun. For this picture I needed two attempts - right at the beginning of my trip I went to the village, but I was a bit late and the incense sticks were partly already turned to the uncolored side or even cleared. It was still nice, but I wasn't quite satisfied because I really wanted to highlight the pink color. So on the last day of my trip, I went again really early and caught the right moment. To shoot the photo from this perspective, I had to climb a ladder on a shaky construction (despite a slight fear of heights) ....What you do not do everything for a picture ;-)"

Was some work, but it was worth it! A justified 1st place, congratulations!

More on Anna:


2. Place Simone Nagel

Place 2 More bikes than people

The second picture comes from Simone Nagel. The picture convinced us especially by the dynamics of the stripes, so there is a great eye-catcher on the runner in the tunnel. About the creation of the image she writes the following:

"The picture was taken during a camper trip with my husband through Holland. Like the Dutch, we are also on our tours with bicycles on the road. In Holland, there are supposedly more bicycles than people. Accordingly, the country's infrastructure is designed with cyclists in mind, and separate bike lanes run along most roads - as do underpasses. My photo shows one of them. Due to the unusual pattern, this one caught my eye immediately. I tried a few settings/viewpoints. In the end, though, I liked the symmetrical composition of this image best, as this makes the lines most effective."

You can find more about Simone on her Instagram account

3. Place Nina Papiorek

3rd place - A short rest in the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The picture by Nina Papiorek takes 3rd place. Here we really liked the great patterning of the wall, as well as the perspective on the person breaking through the patterning.

Nina writes the following about the story, "The photo was taken in November 2021 in Paris, in the famous business district La Défense. The graphic background is the side wall of the "Grande Arche". It is usually a very hectic and rowdy place where people pass by on their way to the office. Therefore, I find the captured moment very special. The man looks like he needs a short rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and pauses for a moment, lost in thought, to take a breath."

You can find more about Nina here:


4. Place F.J. Besche

4. Place - Creative waiting

Creative waiting made it to the fourth place of the photo contest. Especially the queue of people makes the picture very interesting and lively. "The photo was taken with the ingenious (because powerful and fits in any pocket) Sony RX100 M3. In terms of content, the shot shows gallery visitors at an exhibition of paintings by William Turner at the LWL Museum in Münster. The rush of visitors was so great that only a certain number was admitted at a time. This is how this queue was created in the rise to the gallery."

5. Place Silke Hullmann

Place 5 - Lake Natron

The picture of Silke Hullmann made it to the fifth place. We were won over by the unique landscape, coupled with the flock of birds, a one of a kind image!

"It is an aerial view of Lake Natron in the borderland of Kenya and Tanzania, photographed from a helicopter (without doors). The water streaming into Lake Natron from the slopes of the surrounding volcanoes reveals the lifelines of the lake. Since Lake Natron has several inflows but no outflow, the water can only escape through evaporation and so nature conjures up breathtaking, almost unreal colors and shapes.

Photographed with a Nikon D500 and a wide angle - Nikkor 14-24 mm f2.8

Shooting data:

Focal length: 24 mm at f 7.1 and ev - 1 2/3

Shutter speed: 1/800 ISO: 640

More about Silke Hullmann:




Place 6.Tobias Wilden

6th place - North Sea Silhouettes

This atmospheric image by Tobias Wilden made it to the sixth place. A great shot! About the background of the picture Tobias writes the following:

"The photo is part of my series "North Sea Silhouettes", and documents everyday life on and around the dike at sunset on the North Sea coast near Bremen, focusing on shapes, colors and silhouettes."

More on Tobias Wilden:


Place 7. Dirk Neumann

7th place - The wondrous staircase

There were some great pictures of staircases sent in for this photo contest, so it was hard for us to choose. In the end, the picture by Dirk Neumann convinced us!

"The picture was taken with a Nikon D850, as well as with a Samyang XP10 3.5. My name is Dirk Neumann and I come from Bavaria, near Starnberg. I am 49 years young and taking pictures has been my passion for over 6 years now. My photographic focus is especially on landscape, architecture and lost places. But I also like to deal with other topics."

Place 8. Luis Hafner

8th place - Constructed atmospheric

Eighth place goes to the image by Luis Hafner, who won us over with his still life and striking color.

"At the moment I am studying photo design in the 6th semester at the Lazi Academy in Esslingen. Skillfully, so it was possible for me to photograph in their studio. My photo is an attempt to summarize as many design rules as possible in one image. The basic framework is the Golden Triangle, which appears 1:1 in the picture. The other intersections include the Rule of Thirds or the Golden Ratio. The colors are selected according to the quantity, light-dark, and complementary contrast. The lighting mood of the photo was created in the studio with two flash bulbs. Overall, although it is a constructed image, I wanted to make an atmospheric photo. "

9th place - Florian Schilcher

Rank 9 - Olympic Stadium

Florian Schilcher has convinced us with his picture from the Olympic Stadium. The contrast of the colors and the great lines in the picture, convinced the jury! This is how it was created:

"The picture was taken in the Munich Olympic Stadium. When entering the stands, I noticed the two workers on the other side of the field. Immediately I rushed around half the stadium to get this perspective."

More about Florian Schilcher



10th place Thomas Boehm

Rank 10 - Young monk

Location: Bagan in Myanmar / Burma

"Taken on a photo trip by Lets Go Trekking. I was the organizer myself. It is a novice ( young monk ) in a temple where it was very dark inside. We had access to it and made the entering rays of light more visible with the smoke of incense sticks."

More on Thomas Boehm:



Conclusion of the photo competition Lines, Corners, Shapes amp; Co.

With the pictures of the ten winners, we have only shown a small selection of unique and interesting variations on the theme of 'lines, corners, shapes, etc.'. Many pictures just didn't make it to the first ten places, because the selection was too big.

We would like to thank all participants and look forward to receiving interesting entries for the upcoming competitions. The next chances are waiting soon at our photo days . Until then, we wish you continued fun with photography and all the moments that can be connected and captured with it!

Photo competition"Lines, corners, shapes amp; Co." - All images

The prizes

1st place: 1.000€ voucher for Canon
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2nd place: 1.000€ voucher for Nikon
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3rd place: 300€ voucher for Laowa
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4th place: 300€ voucher for Manfrotto
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5th place: 300€ voucher for Lowepro
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6th place: 300€ voucher for Joby
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7th place: 300€ voucher each for Gitzo
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8th place: 200€ voucher each for Godox
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9th place: 100€ voucher each for MindShift
Extremely robust: the bags from MindShift.

10th place: 50€ voucher each for Kalahari
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