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christmas gifts ideas
Reading time: 6 minutes - December 06, 2022 - by Moritz Steinbach

Gift ideas for photographers for Christmas +amp; Co.

It's that time again. The Christmas season is just around the corner and one or the other last minute Christmas gift must come. Many associate this time with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a festive meal or the get-together with friends or family. We take care of the possibly most stressful point for you. The difficult choice of gifts. We have thought about what gift you can make your photo affine family or friends.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to gifts that you can already get for under 20 € and still achieve a great joy.

Zeiss Microfiber Cloth 30x40 cm

The Zeiss microfiber cloth is the perfect companion when you shoot your next motif. It cleans your lens reliably and returns it to a clear condition.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • 30 Ã 40 mm
  • clean your optics optimally and streak-free

Novoflex Wrapping Cloth Sretch blue 28Ã28

The Novoflex Stretch Cloth protects any type of camera that has an approximate size of 28 Ã 28 cm. With the help of the cloth, the camera can be stored in any bag without fear of flying objects that could possibly scratch your camera.
It has high quality Velcro fasteners on each corner, which ensure that the cloth does not detach from the camera when you put it there. #Should the cloth get dirty, this is also not a problem. It can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

  • recommended size for SLR housings and small lenses, flash units or small camcorders
  • 28x28 cm.

The next gifts are in a price range between 20 € and 35 €

SanDisk SDXC Extreme V30 UHS-I U3, Class 10 Memory Card 128 GB 180MB/s

We all know it when you have taken countless pictures again and unfortunately the memory card has limited space. So an ideal gift is a memory card in a large size. The card from SanDisk is powerful and reliable. With the size of 128 GB, it is perfectly designed for many pictures and videos. Any photographer is guaranteed to enjoy such a gift, because you can never have enough on a trip.

  • 128 GB SDXC card
  • Read speed up to 180 MB/s
  • Write speed up to 90 MB/s
  • enables recording of high-resolution 4K UHD videos

Nitecore Lenspen

With the Nitecore Lenspen you give away a perfect cleaning accessory for a system camera or lens. It reliably removes dust and other dirt. With the help of the integrated brushes, which can be stored magnetically in the pen, even coarse dirt that is on the equipment can be removed. The tip consists of a magnetic carbon cleaning stick that removes the finest dust.
Note: For proper use of the included brushes, the separately available Nitecore Blowerbaby is required. This product is presented below.

  • Nitecore Lenspen - ideal complement for the Nitecore BlowerBaby
  • Cleaning pen with two included brush pads for the Nitecore BlowerBaby
  • removes dust and other dirt
  • with lens brush for cleaning

RICEQ bean bag for DSLRs - RICEQ Outdoor "Edition" 22x15cm 400g

An interesting gift that many photographers have not heard of is a so-called bean bag. It allows the camera to stand safely in almost any scenario, as the bag adapts to the camera body and the ground.
It makes shooting exciting, as you can quickly move the camera to a different angle compared to a tripod. This allows a subject to be viewed and imaged from completely new spontaneous angles. It brings more excitement to the photographer's everyday life, because it can be easily stored thanks to its small size and you can position it anywhere. It is particularly suitable for wildlife photographers and for photographers who work with a telephoto focal length. It also serves as a relief for ground shots. The bag reduces camera shake and can even prevent it altogether.

  • RICEQ bean bag for DSLRs outdoor "Edition"
  • small outdoor bean bag made of extremely durable materials
  • ideal tripod kit for outdoor use
  • for stable placement of the camera on various surfaces
  • water-repellent
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 cm
  • Weight 400g

Matin LSG 22 wind- and water-repellent finger gloves for photography L

Feel the warmth on your hands like in summer and get a winter motif in the lens. That would be a dream. With the water-repellent finger gloves, it's a reality. Your hands are protected even in snow and rain, thanks to the water repellent technology. They are perfect for photography, as you can open the fingertips of the glove when needed. A touchscreen can be operated without problems, even if you do not open the fingertips. The 3M coating also provides the necessary warmth.

  • Touchscreen operation possible with thumb and index finger
  • Finger hoods on thumb and index finger can be folded down
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation provides extra warm hands
  • Coating keeps moisture out

The next gift idea is in a budget between 79 € and 180 €

Nitecore BlowerBaby V1

The Nitecore Blowerbaby V1 is the matching addition to the Nitecore Lenspen listed above. The brushes included with the Lenspen are matching attachments for the Blowerbaby V1. Air is blown out of it, which is accelerated to up to 70 Km/h. Compared to a handheld air pump/bellows, it makes a huge difference. It only reaches a maximum of 35 Km/h. Thanks to the electric motor, which is powered by a 1500 Mah battery, any dust particle can be removed from the brushes with assistance. Thanks to the battery, it can be used up to 90 times without recharging. The device can also be used well without the brush attachments, as it can also clean dust from the sensor thanks to the air flow.

  • Powerful blower for cleaning optics, sensors or camera housings
  • Airflow of up to 70 km/h blows dust and dirt off easily
  • Cordless for effortless cleaning and portability
  • Built-in 1500mAh battery with USB-C charging port

Rollei Tripod C6i Carbon black

With the tripod from Rollei you give away a high-quality tripod that finds an area of application in many areas. The tripod has a secure stand in almost any terrain. The tripods are already commonplace among professionals and are very well received because they do a good job. The tripods have evolved to be extremely stable thanks to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

  • Rollei C6i Carbon Tripod
  • stable carbon tripod (8 layers) with high load capacity of up to 12 kg
  • Tripod head can be easily rotated 360° and perfectly adjusted
  • Tripod can also be used as a monopod with a height of 133 cm
  • easy and quick operation of all knobs
  • rubberized quick-release plate with 1/4-inch stainless steel screw - head mount with 3/8-inch thread
  • integrated spikes
  • incl. smartphone holder

Peak Design Slide Black - Camera Strap for Medium and Large DSLR Cameras

The perfect gift can sometimes be in the details. With the camera strap from Peak Design you give the gift of relief! The strap supports a photographer enormously, because larger DSLR cameras are often quite heavy and so it can quickly become uncomfortable in the long run on a trip. It is extremely robust, as it can easily withstand a load of up to 90 kilos. Also, it is no problem to attach the strap to a camera that already has a tripod adapter mounted, because you can simply clamp it underneath. The difference of Peak Design straps is the loop, which is attached to the camera. This allows the camera to also be combined with a hand strap from Peak Design.

  • for medium and large DSLR cameras
  • Material: ballistic nylon, plastic web buckles, aluminum folding bail
  • Length: 99 to 145 cm (adjustable)
  • Width: 4,5 cm
  • Weight: 148 g
  • Load capacity: up to 90 kg

Calibrite monitor calibration Color Checker Display

Calibrite Color Checker makes it easy to calibrate displays. The adaptive technology that delivers optimized results for maximum color accuracy on each individual monitor and Flare Correct measures and adjusts your display profile. It is needed just when you want to print the images. It prevents deviations of the displayed colors, provided that the monitor allows color display.

  • Calibrite ColorChecker Studio, Calibration
  • Monitor calibration for enthusiasts and professional photographers
  • includes a colorimeter and software Studio
  • 512MB RAM or more recommended
  • powered USB connection
  • Mac, Windows

Fujifilm Instax Mini EVO black EX D hybrid instant camera

An absolute classic among gifts are instant cameras. With the Instax Mini Evo from Fujifilm, you have a reliable camera that can print images from memory or smartphone. Thanks to the built-in display, you can view the images before printing, compared to other models, so not every image is printed immediately mandatory. The internal memory can store up to 45 images. However, this can be quickly enlarged with an external SD card.

  • Hybrid instant camera in analog style
  • with 10 lens modes and 10 film filters
  • physical instant photo or digital photo in built-in memory or on microSD card
  • built-in Li-ION battery
  • incl. micro USB charging cable and carrying strap

Matching films: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

  • 2x 10 shots for instant photo fun
  • For Fuji Instax cameras and printers
  • Free space on the edge of the image to label and personalize it as you wish

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