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Flashes for Nikon cameras

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Flash units for Nikon - light when you need it

A flash unit is not only a practical tool for developing your own visual language, but is even indispensable in certain situations. Many manufacturers produce flashes for Nikon cameras. These are all controlled by the center contact of the camera. With modern devices from the manufacturers Metz, Meike, Nissin, Cullmann and, of course, Nikon itself, you can either rely on the practical TTL control or set the flash manually in the classic way. The guide number of a flash unit for Nikon determines how far the light reaches and how large the illuminated area may be. A flash with a high guide number can be interesting for reporters or wedding photographers, for example. But amateurs can also create particularly beautiful portraits with modern devices.
A bounce flash or a ring flash can be used to create images with a special aura. Especially in today's digital photography, flashes make many things possible that were not possible a few years ago.