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Ricoh WG-6 orange

former MSRP* 399,-

Sony Alpha 7 IV (ILCE-7M4) + Sony battery NP-FZ100

You pay today 2.399,-
After the purchase you will receive 300,- Euro back from Sony. further information
Discount applies to : Sony Alpha 7 IV (ILCE-7M4) Gehäuse
Nikon Einsteigerkurs gratis
+ 1 more

Nikon Z6 II Body

MSRP* 2.349,-



Fujifilm X-T5 Body silver

MSRP* 1.999,-
Olympus Einsteigerkurs gratis
200,- Sofortrabatt
+ 1 more


former MSRP* 2.199,-

Photography Blog

Immediately after the release in the evening, we will talk about the Canon live event and answer your questions. Silke an Mey will also be a guest.

Hands on: Sony ZV-E10 II
Sony's ZV-E10 has been a popular camera for content creation for several years now. Now Sony has introduced a successor to the camera, the ZV-E10 II. In this blog post, you can find out what exactly Sony has improved in this camera.

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Guide to the best vlogging cameras
Casey Neistat may have been one of the first vloggers ever and probably laid the foundation for today's influencers. By taking the viewer into the everyday madness.

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LIVE-TALK: Leica D-Lux 8 - More than a lifestyle camera | with Paul Hüttemann
On Tuesday, July 2, we spoke with photographer & filmmaker Paul Hüttemann about the new Leica D-Lux 8, the new premium compact camera from Wetzlar. In our conversation with Paul, we found out what the camera is capable of, how it helps you to capture the really special moments and whether it is perhaps even more than just a lifestyle camera!

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3 simple light setups in portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony
Good light is often crucial in photography. That's why Vanessa Wunsch shows you 3 simple light setups for your next portrait shoot in this workshop.

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Basics: Getting started with portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony
In this workshop you will gain an exclusive insight into the working methods of photographer Vanessa Wunsch; from the initial idea to the planning and the finished picture.

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Unconstrained creativity: The art of breaking the rules | Fabian Grell (Clipskills) for Panasonic
In this two-part live shooting workshop, L Mount photographer Fabian Grell shows you how to take impressive and extraordinary photos by consciously breaking the rules. Expand your photographic skills and discover the magic of creative freedom.

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Focus on the essentials: Commercial Beauty Close-Ups | Eleni Bogatini for Canon
Sometimes less is more - in this workshop, photographer Eleni Bogatini will show you what this looks like in commercial beauty photo shoots.

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Go Creative! Beauty portraits with a difference | Eleni Bogatini for Canon
Immerse yourself in the world of beauty photography and get creative!

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Medium format vs. APS-C: Different portrait looks | David Klammer for Fujifilm
When and where does digital medium format make sense? Who needs 100 megapixel resolution? And how does APS-C compare in a portrait shoot? Find out in this workshop.

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No pro, no problem: Authentic portraits without a professional model | David Klammer for Fujifilm
How do I put a person who is not used to being photographed in the right light? Which poses work, what role do the hands play and how do I lighten the mood on set? David Klammer has a few tips and tricks for these and many other questions.

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Manual lenses: Character and easy handling | Christian Laxander for Voigtländer
Are you interested in manual focusing, maybe you already have a manual lens at home, but don't really dare to use it? Then this workshop is just right for you.

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Since our founding, more than 100 years ago, we have become a fixture in the D?sseldorf and nationwide photo scene. The branch is located in the heart of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia on the Schadowstra?e.
Of course, in these current times we have worked out an effective hygiene concept, so that your visit is as safe as possible
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Foto Koch Academy

Workshops and Seminars

Would you like to expand your photographic horizons?
Then you should attend one of our photo workshops.

Your photographic equipment is the tool you use to create your images, a means to an end. We will explain both how to use this tool, but more importantly, how to use it to bring your ideas to life, in connection with photographic basics and the right way of percieving.

Our workshops are designed to help you get started in photography, they are fun and awaken your creativity.

There is not only boring theory here!